2016 - Present

case study 

AS was placed in Hestia Refuge after escaping domestic violence against her and her two children by her husband. She was isolated, not engaging in many activities and very low in mood. AS began attending our Lamppost workshops - 2-hour poetry workshops weekly for eight weeks.

At the beginning of the project, AS presented as low in confidence, extremely quiet and unwilling to share. However, over the course of the sessions, she developed a poignancy in her writing and performing until she was unrecognisable. Staff members described her as blossoming throughout the process, after finding a safe space to explore her feelings. Her work was published alongside other women in a book launched at Crisis Croydon Skylight.

AS herself said 'Working with Writerz and Scribez has been transformative and inspiring. Writing poems has provided me with healing and I am in a better place emotionally because of it. I would recommend these workshops to everybody.'

AS has gone on to volunteer for Crisis and is committed to telling her story to help other women in her position. She has also returned to our workshops despite now having moved on from Hestia.