creativity. Expression. passion


Writerz and Scribez is a not for profit creative arts company built on the foundation that art changes and heightens life.

As artists we are committed to providing high-quality creative experiences supported by our underlying principles to make arts accessible, reach marginalised communities, promote creativity and develop skills and talents.

We run projects and events in various community settings across the United Kingdom often in collaboration with partnering organisations that have similar aims. These have included school festivals, homeless projects, prison performances and youth events which have resulted in exhibitions, drama productions and book publishing. 

By providing opportunities for self expression we affirm all voices as vital and valuable.

We firmly believe that through the use of art we can change lives. With a plethora of artists specialising in a range of art forms; from poetry to drama, photography and music we are multi-skilled, passionate and able to adapt to any brief. 

If you require a one-off art session, a team building day, or a longer project please get in touch so we can work alongside you to create something memorable, powerful and unique.